Technological units

Ammonia production


Ammonia production shop 1-A

Ammonia production shop 1-B


Mineral fertilizers and acids production


Air separation and carbon dioxide shop

Nitric acid shop

Ammonia, potassium and sodium nitrate shop

Urea and ammonium carbonate shop


Organic synthesis production


Acetylene and vinyl acetate shop

Formalin and synthetic resins shop

Acetic acid shop

Methanol shop


Bag tare production


Polyethylene products shop


Service units

Electric power supply


Electric power supply shop

Steam supply shop and plantwide utilities

Chemical water preparation shop

External water supply shop

Industrial wastewater neutralization and purification shop

Central electrical equipment repair shop


Transport service


Auto transport shop

Railway transport shop


Mechanical repair service


Mechanical repair shop

Central centralized repair shop

Сentralized repair shop of non organic production 

Сentralized repair shop of organic production




Central laboratory

Industrial hygiene laboratory

Research and metrology laboratory

Quality control department of (Centralized technical control department; Entry control department; Department of Integrated Management System)


Other services


Measuring - control equipment and automation shop

Repair and construction shop

Household office

Catering and Commercial department

Industrial hospital

Information technologies department

Storage facilities department


Idle units


Ketones and organic acids shop

Polyethylene production shop