Effective social partnership is the reliable way to the sustainable development of the region

Being the major city contributor, PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» is responsible for employees’ and citizens' life quality improvement in the region where plant operates. The key enterprise's initiatives are aimed at the local infrastructure development, sports and cultural events sponsoring, as well as at the personnel’ welfare and health protection.


As a part of social program realization enterprise regularly provide financial support and charitable assistance to educational, medical and public organizations in Severodonetsk and Luhansk region. Furthermore, the plant invests in the municipal transport modernization and local roads renovation. PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» annually allocates funds for the maintenance of the city’s main cultural center - the Palace of Culture "Khimik".

PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» management deeply cares about health of employees and their families providing them with worthy labor and rest conditions. Enterprise сonstantly finance the maintenance of 4 health recovery centers including one infantile. Since 2011 PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» encourages the staff by subsidizing vacation packages to sanatoriums and recreation centers in the Crimea and Western Ukraine. 

PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» invested more than UAH 75 million in social projects in 2011-2014