Improvement of ecological situation in the region is PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» environmental priority

Being a city-forming enterprise PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” is responsible for the environmental situation in the town and region in general. Along with all OSTCHEM plants PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” joined Responsible Care Global Charter and implements its own measures in accordance with the program “Responsible Care of the Chemical Industry in Ukraine”. Therefore the investments aimed at reducing the impact of industrial pollution on the environment and preservation of natural resources are growing every year.

Sewage treatment

The flow equalization basin is being repaired at neutralization and industrial sewerage purification shop. Renovated technological complex will allow optimizing the first stage of sewage purification coming from organic synthesis and ammonia production shops. The long-run goal of the realized projects is to improve sewerage quality in order to affect positively on water eco systems in the whole region. 

Harmful emissions reduction

At PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” was realized the installation of two aspiration systems aimed to extract  the ammonium nitrate and urea dust appearing in process of products’ packing in big bags. Another important stage of environmental program implementation is the launching  of a new unit of an additional refrigerator for the secondary steam condensation at the ammonium nitrate production shop. Realization of these projects allows significantly decrease the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Furthermore, at the acetic acid production site intermediate separator was installed in the line blowings from railway tanks before absorber HB-1714 to reduce acetic acid emissions to 0 012t / yr. Also in the shop for producing polyethylene goods are additional dye sites on the lid of the printing machine, resulting in reduced emissions of 24.1 tons of ethanol / year.


In 2011-2014 PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» allocated UAH 262 million to the environmental projects